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Manages data in the Xandr platform.


Example usage

    type: segments
    member_id: 12345
    conn_id: xandr
        action: ACTION
        id: AUDIENCE_ID
        code: AUDIENCE_CODE
        short_name: SHORT_NAME
        state: STATE
        description: DESCRIPTION
        expire_minutes: EXPIRE_MINUTES


conn_idstringnoConnection string as handed to you by the Onesecondbefore team. Default is `xandr`
member_idintegeryesXandr member ID, e.g. 12345
typeenumerator(segments, member_data_sharing)yesDefines what module of Xandr will be updated.
mappingobjectyesContains the mappings from the dataset to the service. See below for mapping options.


Mappings: segments

mappingtype (of value)mandatorydescription
actionenumerator (active, update, delete)yesContains the field name from the query that contains the action to take. Value of the field can only be active (Item will be created when it does not exist and no action is taken when the item already exists), update (item will be updated) or delete (item will be deleted).
idstringnoContains the id of the segment. Only needed when action is update
advertiser_idstringnoUse this if you want the segments to be created in a particular advertiser in your member seat.
descriptionstringnoAdd a description to the segment.
codestringnoContains the audience code.
short_namestringyesContains the short name of the segment.
stateenumerator (active, inactive)yesIf set to active, the segment will be active. If set to inactive, the segment will be inactive.
expire_minutesintnoThe amount of minutes in which the users should expire by default. Maximum is 259,200 minutes (=180 days).

Mappings: member_data_sharing

mappingtype (in dataset)mandatorydescription
actionenumerator (put)yesValue of the field can only be put (Item will overwrite previous defined member data sharing).
segment_idintegeryesSegment ID.
record_idstringyesRecord ID.


APIDigital Platform API
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