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Manages Google Analytics accounts.


Only supports database as a source in the extract part of the configuration.


Example usage

        # variable: field name from query
        action: action
        name: remarketing_audience_name
        remarketingAudienceId: audience_id
        accountId: account_id
        webPropertyId: property_id
        isSmartList: is_smart_list
        audienceType: audience_type
        daysToLookBack: days_to_look_back
        membershipDurationDays: membership_duration_days
        linkedViews: linked_views
        segment: segment
        ADWORDS_LINKS: google_ads_advertiser_ids
        DBM_LINKS: dv360_advertiser_ids


conn_idstringnoConnection string as handed to you by the Onesecondbefore team. Default is google_cloud_default.
mappingobjectyesContains the mappings from the dataset to the service. See below for mapping options.


mappingtype (in dataset)mandatorydescription
accountIdstringyesGoogle Analytics account id.
webPropertyIdstringyesGoogle Analytics web property ID
isSmartListbooleannoIf the remarketing list is a smart list.
remarketingAudienceIdstringyes (with update and delete)Remarketing list ID.
audienceTypeenumerator (SIMPLE, STATE_BASED)yesType of remarketing list: SIMPLE or STATE_BASED.
namestringyesName of the remarketing list.
daysToLookBackintegeryesDays to look back.
membershipDurationDaysintegeryesMembership duration in days.
linkedViewsarrayyesArray of view ids that the remarketing list applies to.
segmentstringyesRemarketing list definition.
exclude_segmentstringnoRemarketing list definition to exclude users. When activated remarketing list type is automatically set to STATE_BASED, otherwise to SIMPLE.
ADWORDS_LINKSarraynoArray of Adwords account ids, e.g. '111-111-1111' to share the remarketing list with.
DBM_LINKSarraynoArray of DoubleClick Campaign Manager account ids to share the remarketing list with.


APIGoogle Analytics Management API
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