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Imports data from Salesforce.

Method of use

Workflows needs a Salesforce OAuth account, please share them with a Onesecondbefore employee to add it as a connection.


Example usage

    conn_id: salesforce
    report_id: 1234567abc


conn_idstringnoDefault is salesforce. Connection string as handed to you by the Onesecondbefore team.
report_idstringyesID of the Salesforce report to import.
date_formatstringnoFormat of the data exported.
filtersarray of objectsnoAdd filters as described below.
order_bysarray of objectsnoOrder the resultset on a field and optional direction (either ascending or descending)

Properties of filtering object

If you use filtering (see above) in the extract. You have to add an object every time with the fields below.

fieldenumerator (see field list)yesContains the name of the field you want to filter on.
operatorenumerator (all operators)yescontains operator
valuestringyesContains the value to filter one.


APIThe Salesforce Reports and Dashboards REST API
Pre-formatted schemaNo. This from task does not come with a pre-formatted schema. Define file and it is required to define the schema if you use Snowflake. BigQuery can auto-detect the source file.