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Imports data from Google Search Console.

Method of use

Before you can download data from Google Search Console you have to give acces. There are two ways to do this:

Acces with Service Account

Take the steps below to download data with a service account.

  1. Create a service account or re-use a service account of a Google Cloud environment.
  2. Have the service account added to the Workflows connections by a Onesecondbefore staff member
  3. If you use Google Cloud, you're done. If you use another cloud, add the connection string to conn_id
  4. Give the client_email from the Service Account `Read` access to the Google Search Console
  5. You should now be able to download the contents of the first sheet of the Google Search Console

Access with Delegated Account

Take the steps below to download data with a delegated account. Please take note of the security precautions needed to secure this connection method.

  1. Take the steps 1 till 3 in the Service Account flow.
  2. Enable domain-wide delegation for the service account.
  3. Give the delegated account `Read` access to Google Search Console
  4. You should now be able to download the contents from the Google Search Console


Example usage

        - date
        - country
        - device
        - page
        - query
    aggregationType: byPage


conn_idstringnoConnection string as handed to you by the Onesecondbefore team. Default is `google_cloud_default`
dimensionsarray with enumerator (date, country, device, page, query, searchAppearance)yesContains the dimensions of the report
sitestringyesContains the site, like
aggregationTypeenumerator (byProperty, byPage)noDefault is byProperty. Contains aggregation type.


APIGoogle Search Console API
Pre-formatted schemaYes. Comes with a pre-formatted and described schema.