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Imports data from Google Ads.

Method of use

Before you can download data from Google Ads you have to give access to a Onesecondbefore account.

Another method is to organize the access yourself. Below is described how to do this.
Apply for a Developer Token of the Adwords account you would like to import data from. You also need this access if you want to mass-update the Google Ads account. You can apply for a Google Ads Developer account under: `TOOLS & SETTINGS > SETUP > API Center`. There you can apply for a Developer Token. Then you need to give your Google Account access. There are two ways to do this:

Acces with Service Account

Take the steps below to download data from Google Ads with a service account.

  1. Create a service account or re-use a service account of a Google Cloud environment.
  2. Have the service account added to the Workflows connections by a Onesecondbefore staff member
  3. If you use Google Cloud, you're done. If you use another cloud, add the connection string to conn_id
  4. Give the client_email from the Service Account `Read` access to the Google Ads account
  5. You should now be able to download data from Google Ads

Access with Delegated Account

Take the steps below to download a Google Spreadsheet with a delegated account. Please take note of the security precautions needed to secure this connection method.

  1. Take the steps 1 till 3 in the Service Account flow.
  2. Enable domain-wide delegation for the service account.
  3. Give the delegated account access to the Google Ads account
  4. You should now be able to download data from the Google Ads account


Example usage

    conn_id: google_cloud_default
    google_ads_conn_id: google_ads
    type: query
    login_customer_id: 1234567890
    customer_id: 2345678912
    query: |
            SELECT user_list.description,
            FROM user_list
            WHERE LIKE 'OSB Audience%'


conn_idstringnoDefault is google_cloud_default. Connection string as handed to you by the Onesecondbefore team. If your cloud is Google Cloud, the conn_id is not obliged. It will take the client_cloud.db_conn_id.
google_ads_conn_idstringnoDefault is google_ads. Contains an extra connection to retrieve the Developer Token.
typeenumerator (query)noDefault is query. Export type. Currently only support for query, which let's you export the result of an AWQL or AdWords Query.
login_customer_idintnoThe login customer id is the id of the Google Ads account that has the Developer Token. This does not have to be the same as the Google Ads account you will import data from.
customer_idintyesGoogle Ads account you will import the data from.
queryintyesContains a query in the Google Ads Query Language.


APIGoogle Ads API
Pre-formatted schemaYes. Comes with a pre-formatted and described schema.