Workflows ยท Do Tasks

Do tasks handle tasks inside your data lake, e.g. from storage to a table. And flow control tasks like do_zilch or do_continue.

Task type: do_zilch

The do_zilch task, does exactly that: Zilch (nothing). It is useful in the job design, if you have e.g. 4 tasks that must be finished before 10 more tasks will start, it is useful to put a hub in between.

Example usage

    type: do_zilch


typestringyesMust be do_zilch

Task type: do_continue

The do_continue task is a flow control task. The tasks after this task will only be executed if the result of the query is true.

Example usage

    type: do_continue

    query: |
            SELECT CURRENT_DATE('Europe/Amsterdam') < CURRENT_DATE('Europe/Amsterdam')-1 AS yesno_field

    - type: yesno
      field: yesno_field


root propertydescription
validateConfigure a validation like in a from task. You can only add 1 validation and the type must be yesno If the validation is true the job will continue to execute all subsequent tasks. If the result is false all subsequent tasks will be skipped.