Workflows ยท Job Orchestration

A Workflows job can contain one or more tasks that are interdependent. This section describes how the folders and files should be structured in a job. And the structure and settings in a job file

Job folder structure

All jobs must be created under the jobs/ folder in your repository. Every folder is a different job. The name of the folder will be the job name. Please only use alphanumeric characters and underscores(_). When you have created a new folder (job), add an empty text file called: job.yml This is the job configuration file, please read about the properties you can set below in the job configuration file section. Then add the task files. One for every task.

+- jobs
    +- marketing_data_aggregate
        +- job.yml
        +- from_doubleclick.yml
        +- from_google_ads.yml
        +- from_facebook.yml
        +- from_bing.yml
        +- aggregate_data.yml