Transfer · Introduction

  • Best features of all packages

    We have 15+ years of experience with Digital Analytics tagging and seen a great deal of tracking systems. Factbase Capture is the combination of the best features of all web analytics packages.

  • Modelled after Google Analytics

    The Factbase Capture tracking libraries are modelled after the Google Analytics tracking libraries. This is done to flatten your learning curve and make the implementation of page tags as easy as possible.

  • Cross domain cookie detection

    The acceptance of the cross domain (or third-party) cookie has been dropped significantly since Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention. Factbase Capture detects real-time if a browser accepts the cross domain (or third-party) cookie. This detection is done with every hit.

  • Smallest library in the world

    The Factbase Capture library only supports tracking features and does not contain any listeners like click-outs. We think it's better to let the developer or the tag management system handle this. The reward of this approach is a tracking library of 12kb and it is thereby the smallest digital analytics library in the world.

  • Best support for custom variables

    Factbase Capture custom variables, or custom data as we like to call them, do not need server configuration. You can send up to 50 custom data items with a hit and they will all be stored with that hit in your data lake. And you can store 50 different custom data items in the next hit. This means that we have the largest amount of custom variables in the world!

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