Analytics ยท Design Principles

Analytics was built by digital analysts with a long history in the field. Before developing Analytics, we set up a couple of design guidelines according to which the tool should be developed. The result were the design principles below.

  • Full ownership of your own data

    We analytics user behaviour from your websites and apps, enrich it and store it in your data environment a sub-second later. No scanning, no nothing. And we are willing to sign an agreement on this.

  • Strong privacy

    Your data and your customer's data must be secure and private according to your standards. Analytics has a set of functionalities that make sure your data is analyticsd according to the highest security standards. Full integration between your cookie wall and the Analytics tracking pixel is only one of them.

  • ITP, ETP and AdBlockers

    Analytics is developed with Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), Enhanced Tracking Prevention (ETP) and AdBlockers in mind. And strives to track all your customers as they agreed upon by accepting your cookie dialogue.

  • Best features of all known packages

    We have 15+ years of experience with Digital Analytics tagging and seen a great deal of tracking systems. Onesecondbefore Analytics is a collection of the best features of all digital analytics packages that we have ever known.

  • Modelled after Google Analytics

    The Onesecondbefore Analytics tracking libraries are modelled after the Google Analytics tracking libraries. This will flatten your learning curve and make the implementation of page tags as easy as possible.

  • Tiny tracking library

    The Onesecondbefore Analytics library only supports tracking features and does not contain any other functionality. We think it's better to let the developer or tag manager handle the extra's. The reward of this approach is a tracking library of ~17kb and it is thereby among the smallest digital analytics libraries on the planet.

And many more. Get in touch with us for more info.