Every Cookie Counts

When capturing real-time data everything counts. That’s why we launched Capture, part of our One environment.

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Capture takes real-time data from your own digital channels to our One Environment. Your data remains within your data environment, exactly where it should be.


Capture enables better website acceptance, captures all user behaviour and delivers rich quality data for real-time analysis.

The benefits

1. High Cookie acceptance

Your website’s tracking is compromised by Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), Firefox’ Enhanced Tracking Prevention (ETP) and AdBlockers by visitors that accepted your cookie policy. Due to our monitoring across all clients we can guarantee the highest cookie acceptance in the industry.

2. Server-side tagging

Our One Environment is geared to capture all user behaviour from your websites and apps. We Transfer this data in realtime to any other system like Google Analytics, Optimizely, your recommender system or data warehouse like BigQuery and Snowflake.

3. Digital analytics quality

Due to Capture’s flexibility, it can be setup to deliver data quality needed for heavy-weight digital analysis to a light-weight event stream. Capture data is rich (160 fields per hit), sessionized and it automatically creates profiles. The captured data can be used for all reporting needs of a modern data-driven company.

Contact us for a trial or demo

Or just send us an email on info@onesecondbefore.com.

Capture is a safe, secure and fully registered product by Onesecondbefore.

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