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Gather and prepare data


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Capture and transfer

To help Data scientists spending less time gathering and preparing data, Onesecondbefore has developed Capture and Transfer.

  • Capture takes real time data from your owned digital channels in our One Environment.
  • Transfer batches all relevant data from other sources to our One Environment.

As a result of how we work, your data remains within your data environment, exactly where it should be.

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Knowing your customer is knowing your business


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Live insights

Our One Environment is geared to deliver the fastest delivery of predictions, feedback and business reporting. It provides access to a library of reports developed by both Onesecondbefore and fellow colleagues who work in other companies. Live insights enable you to take decisions based on facts and numbers, and not just using your instinct.

Stay ahead of what is happening now


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Incremental Prediction

Incremental prediction through self-learning algorithms gathers small, but highly useful insights enable you to react one second before the customer engagement. Predictive models will generate audiences. all with their own preferred engagement. The algorithms help you define a longer-term view into customer behavior which deliver a higher prediction of their actions and your future.

Without action there is no opportunity


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Actionable opportunity

Managing live interactions in real-time creates the opportunity to deliver one second before relevant engagements to any touchpoint. The Real Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) sends audiences to your operational systems, enabling them to deliver the right interaction to your customer.