Industries we work in

Never out of fashion


  • We estimate the likelihood to buy of every website visitor and their preferred product.
  • Based on this information we are able to personalize the online marketing and website to the visitors preference.

Point of no return


  • A retail company had a high percentage of online purchases returned
  • The result put a great burden on their logistical organization and at a large cost
  • We were able to predict which user would be most likely to return products
  • Based on this information a series of focused customer approach strategies were developed and implemented
  • We managed to reduce the return rate substantially without reducing customer satisfaction

AI audiences


  • A publisher has a huge number of visitor engagements on multiple websites. These visitors consume a lot of content, like news items and specialist information
  • We were able to bring all this information together and develop a self-learning model that predicts which visitors are interested in which content or advertisements
  • By putting success trackers on advertisers’ websites the result of advertisements are measured while the model improves itself.

Budget allocation


We were able to follow users from their online behavior to their offline purchase.

  • This shed a new insights on the success of online campaigns
  • Based on these insights we were able to reallocate the online budget to offline purchases
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